Marketing demographics and other research is often critical to a sustainability product launch. ESRI data mapping here shows the types of communities in the north Orange County area.

ESRI data mapping here shows the types of communities in the north Orange County area.

Marketing & Business Development

We consider any marketing service we provide to be as unique as you.  Our passion for green technology drives us to be especially focused when it comes to your success.  That’s why we have an array of services to choose from.  We get to know your business, your purpose, and your goals and will bring in whatever will provide the results you want, while at the same time exceeding your expectations.

  • Market Research
  • Product Materials
  • Web Presence & New Strategies
  • Social Media Campaigns & Presence
  • Public Relations
  • Branding
  • Presentations
  • Business Plans
It’s about value creation. The first thing we want to do with any client is discover where we can make a difference. Every business has its flaws, inefficiencies, missteps, and pain points. Our first job is to discover what you feel is challenging or limiting your ability to achieve your vision. Often these things are unknown even to the teams and leadership responsible.

Let us help you advance sustainability and build your business.

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Business Management wPeople

Management Support Services

We focus on sustainability projects because that’s what’s inspiring and what’s necessary for the great future of our planet.  You have a purpose and our services align with that purpose.  Whether you’re needing better project management, a new view on technical innovation, an assay of technology to incorporate into your product or business, your team working smoothly together, or a financial, process, or certification audit, we make sure it gets done, and gets done well.

We work with outstanding specialists to provide you with what you need. Your success is our priority and we provide a service you will not only count on, you will refer with confidence again and again.

When growth in sustainable business is your goal, or you just want to amplify your impact, contact us and let’s see what we can do.  We provide any small, mid-size, or large business with:

  • Management of Financial, Process or Certification Audits
  • Coaching for Effectiveness, Accomplishment, Communication, and Gratifying Execution
  • Project and Resource Planning
  • CRM and Software Review
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  • Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Web Development
  • Engineering, Specialized Software/Hardware Development
  • Testing and Evaluation of Business Processes and  Systems
  • Product Evaluation & Recommendation
  • Developing a Sustainability Policy
  • Developing a Sustainability Strategy
  • CSR Assessment, Concept Relevance, and Implementation
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Getting on the same page is key to moving any project or negotiation forward.  With many years of experience participating in the resolution of complex and difficult situations, we can help you understand one another.  It is always a pleasure to create or find solutions and wind up with the parties on common ground.

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Encinitas Solar Installation

This 3-story medical building received our PV system on the roof and energy source and load monitoring inside the dental office of the owner.

Ping Solar 2
Renewable Energy & Demand Management

An energy strategy is comprised of four areas of attention:

  • Energy Sources
  • Energy Storage
  • Load Power & Energy
  • Utility Billing

Complete our simple form to help us understand your situation.  We’ll getback to you with any further questions and provide you with some options.

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Engineering, Science & Technology

Whether it’s setting up information technology, dealing with intellectual property, or just building something, our technical expertise, business & market experience, or legal resources can identify ways to move your project or operation forward and help make sure you get it done.  Break through.  Get to the next level.

We involve professionals we trust.  Our reputation depends on it.  We have extensive experience in how things fail, and how they succeed.  We have tested the water for you.  Let us bring our experience to bear on your projects to maximize your talents, your team, and your vision.

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Automation brings convenience and comfort while often radically improving energy efficiency in a building. Have windows open when you want them to, on a time schedule or based on the temperature inside. Have a gas fire turn on, or lights go off, open or close blinds, or control irrigation. Anything can be turned on or off, opened or closed automatically. Please contact us do discuss a creative engineered solution for your home, building, greenhouse, or other application.

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Project Management

We follow a pragmatic, productive process including interviews, work breakdown structure, critical path analysis, timelines, resource planning, and buy-in of the team, through to implementation and review.

Marketing & Business Development

The best products or ideas often need help. We can product improvement, market channel development, improved marketing materials, or help you build capabilities that enable comfortable rapid growth.

Product Development & Engineering

We provide engineering & product support for start-up and developmental stage sustainability projects. Often a systematic approach is needed. We work directly on the project or provide advice.

Tools and Solutions. Working With Clients to Create the New Mainstream.


Here To Help You GO BEYOND Sustainability!

Through Discovery of New Information, Playing Out Stories that Engage, and Helping You Create Businesses that Thrive!